Lincoln Law’s Philosophy

The first English lawyers were esteemed members of the community selected for their ability to advocate for those who could not do it themselves.  In the U.S. today, the legal system is so complicated that it seems unaccessible to ordinary Americans and small business.  We seek to change that.

We are a small family-based firm that runs a heavily virtual-based firm with a small physical footprint.  Modern technology allows us to provide first-rate legal services without the overhead that leads to exorbitant hourly rates.  We have years of combined experience in our practice areas – advising clients large and small and litigating in front of numerous trial courts.

We have a small office at which we can hold meetings, but also provide virtual consultation – either by videoconference or regular phone calls.  We also will come to you to meet, if the situation warrants.

Our goal is to help you proactively prevent legal issues from becoming financially unmanageable.  Spotting and addressing potential issues is better for business and costs you less in the long-run.  We also attempt to resolve issues with the opposing party through negotiation.  Trial is the last resort – wouldn’t you rather have control over the results than hand over total control to a judge or jury?  However, we are not afraid to forcefully litigate your issue in pretrial hearings, discovery, and in front of a jury.  We have been there and will not back down from trial if that is what is in your best interests.


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