Drone Law

We have been pioneers in “Drone Law” since 2014, when Dave helped stand up a UAV practice group at a large law firm before returning to active duty.  He developed and teaches one of the first Drone Law courses at an ABA-approved law school and speaks at various events to educate the public on UAS.

This is one field known by many names: Unmanned Aerial Systems (“UAS”), the preferred term in the U.S.; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (“UAV”), which is now disfavored because the term neglects the ground components and payloads; drones, often but not always used by industry critics; or remotely piloted aircraft system (“RPAS”), used most frequently overseas.

Lincoln Law PLLC provides strategic advice to companies and individuals in relation to Drone Law, which encompasses many areas of the law including:

  • FAA regulatory compliance, including Part 107 waivers and other issues in the National Airspace System (“NAS”)
  • Common Law issues (trespass, invasion of privacy, negligence causing physical injury)
  • Insurance
  • Contract review, including limitation of liability in relation to subcontracting or vendors
  • Perhaps you’ve been injured by an irresponsible UAS user.
  • Export compliance (ITAR, EAR, OFAC)
  • Local regulations impacting operation

Dave founded the UAS blog called Duke of Drones, which is still in existence but no longer maintained.  It is a wealth of information about topics relating to UAS and will help you identify problems you might not even know exist.  The UAS industry is expected to be worth well over $25 billion in the U.S. alone within the next decade.  Lincoln Law PLLC will help you enter and maintain a safe and legal presence in the industry.